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Your business in the community

Major disruption or damage can obviously inconvenience you. But have you ever thought of them as providing your business with an opportunity? With the right preparation and the right contacts you can help yourself and others.

If you have taken some of the practical steps outlined on the Keep trading pages, you will be in a strong position to provide products and services to your local community at a time when they need them most. As well as maintaining your operations, you may be able to help others including the emergency services, local community groups or voluntary organisations.

What's in it for my business? 

By being a 'good local citizen' you can:

  • build a loyal customer base, who know they can rely on you in times of need;
  • strengthen your relationship with staff who live locally;
  • generate positive word of mouth for your business, through providing services during difficult times or helping get things back to normal; and
  • develop partnerships with other forward-thinking organisations, who may be future customers or partners.