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The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 sets out the organisations that provide the emergency response in Scotland. They include the police, the fire and rescue services, the Scottish Ambulance Service, health boards, local authorities, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The role of Scottish and UK government is to support their response with guidance and practical help.

Voluntary organisations also play an important role in responding to emergencies.

The Improvement Service has published a briefing note on civil contingencies for elected members.

Multi-agency co-ordination in Scotland is based on three Regional Resilience Partnerships (RRPs - North, East and West) which are broken down into 12 Local Resilience Partnerships (LRPs). These groups bring together all the relevant organisations in an area to develop an effective approach to dealing with emergencies. They have robust plans in place to respond to all kinds of events. These plans are regularly tested in joint exercises and during real emergencies.

To find out about the risks in your area, the regional Community Risk Registers can be found here.