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The Whithorn Young Team

What made you start up this project?

Dumfries & Galloway's Wigtownshire Community Learning & Development Team and members of the Mid Galloway Community Safety Forum felt there was an opportunity to develop a project in partnership with local Community Resilience Teams who were looking to raise awareness of their work on emergency planning within local communities.  

Who was involved?

Local Community Councils and Community Resilience teams were contacted to ask them to nominate two young people from their communities who they felt would benefit from participating on the course and would perhaps be prepared to continue to be involved with community resilience work in the future. 8 young people from 4 local communities signed up to the project. 

What did participants do?

Day one was spent team building at the local Fire Station, completing their certificated Emergency First Aid Course and learning more about the work of Community Resilience teams and how they could be involved.

Whithorn 2On day two the young people spent the morning out and about knocking on doors and inviting the older and more vulnerable members of the community to their soup lunch to promote the launch of local emergency and Household Emergency Lifesaving Plans.  34 members of the local community attended the soup lunch hosted by the young people who worked with the CLD team, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland to raise awareness of local emergency plans and they held a raffle for a fully kitted out Emergency Box with all the necessary resources.

Next Steps

All the young people were keen to sign up to become members of the Whithorn Community Resilience "Young Team" and the following week were involved in a presentation to the Community Council on the work they had been involved in.  They were presented with their
certificates of achievement by MSP Doctor Aileen McLeod.  They are signed up for further fundraising activities at future community events to promote their work within the CR Team, and 2 of the young people will attend all meetings of the CR Team in the future to ensure they are fully involved and consulted in future emergency planning within Whithorn.