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Organisation Details

British Association for Immediate Care, Scotland (BASICS)

01764 663671

Established in 1977 BASICS is now a nationwide organisation which actively promotes the provision of pre-hospital care.  BASICS courses started running in Scotland in 1993 and are attended by GP's, nurses and paramedics who wish to be trained in pre-hospital care, there is an especially high demand in rural areas that do not have readily available access to ambulances or paramedics.

British Red Cross, Scotland
Westpoint House
69 North Gyle Terrace
EH12 8JY

When emergencies occur, the Red Cross supports the police, ambulance and fire services, local and health authorities and utility companies to help those most affected by UK crises.

The Red Cross has hundreds of fully trained emergency response volunteers across Scotland, ready to provide practical and emotional support at a moment’s notice.

When people are affected by a serious incident or emergency, our volunteers and staff respond around the clock, whether it’s responding in severe weather, helping residents following a house fire, or supporting statutory partners, you can depend on us.

We have access to a fleet of 4x4 capable vehicles as well as a number of campervan style vehicles that can provide temporary shelter, warmth, and access to valuable services such as telephones.

Many emergencies demand a co-ordinated, often large-scale, response – and we can provide quick and robust practical support.

In the event of a major emergency, the Red Cross can set up a support line within four hours

When there's a major incident in the UK, the Red Cross – as a major humanitarian organisation – is well-placed to harness the generosity of the British public by activating our Disaster Appeal Scheme or other appeals, we can rapidly set up a fundraising appeal, distribute the money to those in need and attract major corporate donors.

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Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)
Citizens Advice Scotland
1st Floor Spectrum House,
2 Powderhall Road

0131 550 1000

The Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Service is made up of:

  • Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS)- a national umbrella body that provides essential services to Scottish citizens advice bureaux
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux - independent, local charities that are members of Citizens Advice Scotland. Bureaux provides advice and information to people in need in over 200 locations.

International Rescue Corps
Office 2B
1 Kerse Road

+44 (0) 1324 665 011

We are a specialist Urban Search and Rescue team responding to natural and man-made disasters all over the world using specialist skills and equipment. Our volunteers are trained in search & Rescue techniques on land and water as well as more technical, Building collapse, Location equipment, heavy Cutting equipment, First Aid, casualty care, communications and Working with other agencies in the UK and overseas.

Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland (MRCofS)
In Emergency Dial: 999 or 112 and ask for the local Police, then Mountain Rescue

The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland is the representative and coordinating body for mountain rescue services in Scotland. It is administered by an Executive which reports to the General Committee comprising of Mountain Rescue Teams and other organisations.

Radio Amateurs Emergency Network Ltd (RAYNET)
Contact can be made with RAYNET in an emergency by telephoning the Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network's 24-hour Emergency Contact number: 0303 040 1080. Remember that this number should only be used if local callout procedures fail or are non-existent.

RAYNET, The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network is the UK's national voluntary  communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs

Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI)
West Quay Rd
BH15 1HZ

0845 045 6999

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. We provide a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the coasts of the UK and RoI.

Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) (previously WRVS)

Head of RVS Services - Scotland

0845 600 5885

Through 45,000 volunteers RVS helps older people all over the country to stay independent at home and active in their community. It is that practical little bit of help that makes all the difference - whether at home, getting them to where they want to go, bringing people together through social activities or supporting them in hospital or in an emergency.

Salvation Army (East)

0131 440 9100

The Salvation Army is one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services in the UK after the Government. Founded in East London in 1865, we are now working in 120 countries worldwide.

Salvation Army (North)

01224 496000

The Salvation Army is one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services in the UK after the Government. Founded in East London in 1865, we are now working in 120 countries worldwide.

Salvation Army (West)

0141 779 5000

The Salvation Army is one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services in the UK after the Government. Founded in East London in 1865, we are now working in 120 countries worldwide.

Samaritans (Scotland)
1st Floor Spectrum House
2 Powderhall Road

0131 556 7058

With nearly 1000 volunteers in 20 branches across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders, Samaritans in Scotland contribute to the 24 hour a day service provided by our volunteers across the UK.


ScotsERVS are a voluntary organisation that provide an emergency medical courier service to the NHS in Scotland.

Scottish Community Councils

Community Councils are the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland, composed of elected volunteers from the community.  Community Councils are well placed to know local people, and challenges faced by the community. Living within the community, Community Councillors can offer immediate low level assistance and support to first responders both on a short and long term basis. Recognising the diversity of communities and differing challenges communities may face within similar emergency conditions, the support each Community Council can offer may also be distinct.

Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol

National Co-ordinator

01343 831501

Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol is a Scottish charity providing search aircraft to the emergency services.  It has 2 units, 23 Highland Unit based at RAF Kinloss and 24 Lowland Unit based at Kingsmuir with 32 aircraft based at 12 locations.  Regional agreements are in place with Grampian, Northern, Tayside, Fife and Lothian and Borders.  National agreements are in place with Coastguard and British Red Cross and local agreements in place with Moray and Fife councils.  Listed as an additional search asset at ARCC RAF Kinloss.  Principle activity is missing person searches and flood photography but available for emergency transportation, communications relay and general observation.

St Andrew's First Aid
St Andrew's House
48 Milton Street
G4 0HR

0141 332 4031

St Andrews First Aid is a volunteer-led charity that seeks to make Scotland a safer place by empowering individuals through sharing life-saving skills, helping local communities to become better prepared for the unexpected and supporting the statutory services during the response to an emergency and/or major incident. "We believe no one should die because they couldn't get access to first aid"

Victim Support Scotland
15/23 Hardwell Close

0131 668 4486

Victim Support Scotland is the lead voluntary organisation in Scotland helping people affected by crime. It provides emotional support, practical help and essential information to victims, witnesses and others affected by crime. The service is free, confidential and is provided by volunteers through a network of community based victim and youth justice services and court based witness services.

Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland
Suite 1, First Floor West, Clydeway House
813 South Street, Glasgow, G14 0BX

0131 441 2271

Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland (WPCS) is a Christian chaplaincy offering confidential pastoral and spiritual support to the Scottish workforce regardless of race, belief, gender, age or sexual orientation. We believe that everyone is important, should be listened to and supported including being signposted to specialist support organisations. Our services are independent of management structures and complementary to Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programmes. Areas of support we are asked for include resilience, bereavement, stress and depression and increasingly pastoral support in civil contingencies with Local Resilience Partnerships.