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Social Media Policy


The information here is to help you understand how, when and why Ready Scotland uses social media. 

Ready Scotland is the Scottish Government's public information portal on preparing for and responding to emergencies.  

This is not an emergency service.  If you are in need of emergency services you should call 999 and seek help that way.

We don't use social media every day, only when we believe we have something to tell you that we think you might find useful.  While we are using social media we will try to monitor relevant activity during the working hours of 9am-5pm, but this is not guaranteed.

The Scottish Government's Resilience Room Support Team is responsible for operating this social media policy and for posting messages.

Our Policy

You can view the tweets of the organisations we follow on the home page of Ready Scotland, and we will update this list from time to time.

  • We will use Twitter to highlight the advice carried on Ready Scotland from time to time, and also during some emergency situations.
  • We will use Face Book from time to time, mainly to share good practice in community resilience and during any resilience campaigns that we run.
  • If you send us a direct message (@replies), we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reply.
  • Ready Scotland and the Scottish Government take no responsibility for the content of tweets or messages from third parties.

You are welcome to provide feedback on this policy or on any aspect of Ready Scotland by sending us an email.

Our commitment is that we will:

  • Only tweet or message with information relevant you may find helpful to prepare for or to minimise the effects of an actual or potential emergency.
  • Re-tweet information only from official sources,  such as national or local emergency responders relevant to the circumstances.
  • Try to pick up trends in the social media conversation so we can offer information that is helpful to the widest audience.

 In return we ask you to:

  • Think before you tweet or message, as social media are public spaces and others will see your message.
  • Retweet, like and share our information when you can.
  • Tweet and message responsibly to avoid the spread of inaccurate information from unofficial sources, or to risk creating panic.
  • Be polite - and not to use abusive, racist or otherwise offensive language.
  • Provide feedback to


The alert system is designed for use only in the most extreme of situations.  If you have signed up for email or SMS alert it is very likely that these will be issued only very rarely.

1 May 2012