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Scottish Resilient Communities Conference

Scottish Resilient Communities Conference

The Scottish Resilient Communities Conference is held annually to bring together communities, voluntary sector organisations, public sector emergency responders, and anyone with an interest in working collaboratively  on building resilience.

The 2018 conference was held at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service campus in Cambuslang on 30th October. Building on previous conferences and learning from live incidents, this intensive event examines opportunities for cross-sector knowledge-sharing, consideration of priorities and shaping future work.

Almost 200 participants from a wide range of organisations were involved in 2018 including: Community Resilience Groups, Community Planning Partnerships, Health and Social Care partnerships, Housing and Resident Associations, local authorities, responder organisations, and private sector partners.

This 2018 post conference debrief report summarises the presentations and workshops delivered on the day of the conference, and includes an overview of the feedback gathered from participants after the event.

Slides from all the presentations along with the transcript can be downloaded from ScoRDS at: Please note that you will have to login in to the site, or create an account.