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Scottish Resilient Communities Conference

Scottish Resilient Communities Conference

The Scottish Resilient Communities Conference continues to provide a space in which a wide range of people can meet, discuss and share experience about developing, supporting and sustaining resilient communities in Scotland.

The 2019 conference offered a combination of Scottish and international speakers, workshops that everyone can participate in and opportunities for building your networks. The programme responded to the challenges that people living and working in communities are facing, and give us all the chance to help shape a more resilient future for communities in Scotland. All of the activities at the conference considered the following themes

  1. Community engagement  for all - How do we all ensure inclusivity around community resilience, how we work with, and within, diverse organisations and communities, and how we ensure there are conditions opportunities for inclusive engagement
  2. Personal Resilience and wellbeing - The personal resilience and well-being of people involved in community, voluntary and formal response to emergencies is vitally important and this topic will help to guide discussion, learning and showcase support available to conference participants.
  3. How community resilience works - There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to community resilience practice. This topic will ensure that there are practical examples and lessons from real life as to how community resilience can work across a diverse range of communities. 

2019 Presentations and downloads: 

Previous events: 

This 2018 post conference debrief report summarises the presentations and workshops delivered on the day of the conference, and includes an overview of the feedback gathered from participants after the event.

Slides from all the presentations along with the transcript can be downloaded from ScoRDS at: Please note that you will have to login in to the site, or create an account.