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Resilience Division

The Resilience Division leads on emergency planning, response and recovery for the Scottish Government.

We manage the Scottish Government Resilience Room, known as “SGoRR”, which is activated to co-ordinate the work of the Scottish Government and brief Ministers during emergencies and significant events. 

Year round, we work closely with a wide range of partners around the country - the three Regional Resilience Partnerships, which bring together all the relevant response organisations in an area to plan and exercise for dealing with emergencies; voluntary sector organisations and local community groups, who play a key role; and other critical bodies such as those involved in the energy, telecoms, transport, and water sectors. 

Specialist teams within our Division also assist in the development of detailed risk assessments, which are used to inform policy across Scotland, and lead on training, exercising and debriefing our multi-agency response and recovery groups.

Our aim is that the people of Scotland are kept safe from danger, and that we have inclusive, empowered and resilient communities who can bounce back from disruptive challenges.   

You can find out more about the principles which underpin our work through the “Preparing Scotland” suite of guidance. 

You can also find out about the national risks which the UK faces and which inform our planning in the National Risk Register

Regional community risk registers for Scotland can also be found here.