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Preparing Scotland

Preparing Scotland is guidance to assist Scotland plan, respond and recover from emergencies. It has a 'Hub' which sets out the philosophy, principles and good practice, and 'Spokes' that provide detailed guidance on specific matters.

The Hub was updated in June 2016.

'Preparing Scotland: Philosophy, Principles, Structure and Regulatory Duties'.

There are a number of Spokes. Work is underway to review and update each of the Spokes, as is good practice. Some of the Spokes therefore still refer to the Strategic Coordinating Group structures rather than the current Regional Resilience Partnerships (RRPs - North, East and West).

ScoRDS coordinates the review and publication of Preparing Scotland guidance. The emphasis here is on coordination as a successful Preparing Scotland is one that is developed and owned by the resilience community. For more information about the review and publication schedule please contact Julie Tarbet.