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NHS Scotland resilience forum

The purpose of the NHSScotland Resilience Forum is to share best practice and raise awareness amongst the NHSScotland emergency planning and business continuity community, complying with duties within the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and other relevant legislation and guidance for designated Category 1 responders.


The Forum aims to:

  • act as a health sector professional network for NHS Boards resilience leads;
  • share best practice;
  • provide education opportunities and raise awareness of common issues.


In order to achieve this aim, the Resilience Forum will undertake to:

  • provide an emergency planning and business continuity forum for the co-operation and sharing of information across the NHS inScotland;
  • develop and progress a programme to ensure coordinated health service resilience preparedness;
  • provide mutual support and assistance to members of the Forum in resilience activities;
  • share examples of good practice in resilience;
  • consider the risks facing NHSScotland and reviewing how these are impacting on resilience activity (including new or emerging risks) across NHS Scotland;
  • raise awareness of issues/risks that may have potential for development of guidance/policy;
  • coordinate, share and promote a resilience management culture and new resilience management initiatives within NHSScotland.