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Utilities Failure - Learning Journey

This learning journey looks at what utilities are, how we use them, and what happens when things go wrong. They encourage learners to think critically about the impact of utilities failure on individuals and the community. The learning experiences include:

  • Understanding household utilities - This learning experience looks at what utilities are, who supplies them and how to deal with an emergency situation.
  • Understanding the wider picture - This learning experience looks at how the utilities we use in our homes are part of a wider network.
  • When things go wrong - This learning experience looks at the impact of a loss of water, gas and/or electricity supply on individuals and communities.

The learning journey is accompanied by a learner challenge that looks at the role of the media in preparing for emergencies, and a worksheet that allows learners to record the names of different utility suppliers and their contact details in the event of an emergency.

A second learner challenge asks learners to compare and contrast the cost plans offered by a range of utility companies and to consider how these might be affected by an emergency.