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Flooding is one of the most widespread natural disasters, causing large-scale displacement and migration of people, loss of life and billions of pounds worth of damage across the globe every year.

On a local level, flooding can disrupt many aspects of our daily lives including the transport system and water supply. On a global level, flooding can impact on food prices and the availability of goods on supermarket shelves.

Rainfall in Scotland over the last 63 years has become more intense. Recently published research can be used by local authorities to help them plan better for flooding incidents.

Contexts for learning

This context allows learners to compare different countries and their ability to act in the event of a flood and investigate the financial costs of flooding in Scotland and overseas. They can also consider the importance of sustainable development in reducing the risks posed by flooding.

There are strong curriculum links to technology, science, geography and modern studies. Flood preparation and planning can also help learners develop wide variety of essential skills such as collaboration, communication and problem solving.

PDF file: Curriculum links - Flooding

Case studies providing a snapshot of engagement between resilience professionals and schools, using community resilience as a context: Resilience Case Studies; Kingsford Primary School Case Study

Opportunities for partnership working

Potential candidates for partnership working include meteorologists, local authority planning officers, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, members of the emergency services and charities such as the Red Cross.



Floodline Scotland - Creative Approaches to Flood Awareness

Over winter 2018-19, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) worked with arts and sustainability charity, Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS) to pilot a creative engagement project in Aberdeen exploring how the arts could be used to raise levels of flood awareness and preparedness in flood risk communities.

Local musician, Simon Gall, was appointed by the project team to lead the design and delivery of the creative workshops with local community groups, including Fernielea Primary School's P6 class.

Understanding flooding - Learning journey

This learning journey investigates how flooding affects Scotland and why some areas are more affected than others. By using a variety of resources, learners consider what flooding is, its impact and how to prepare for it.

Flooding in an ELDC - Learning journey

This learning journey about flooding in an economically less developed country focuses on Bangladesh. It is accompanied by five learner activities that examine the causes, effects and responses to flooding in ELDCs.

Flooding and the environment - Learning journey

This learning journey looks at the causes and impact of flooding. It is accompanied by a fact sheet about the White Cart Water flood prevention scheme.

High and Dry - A flooding awareness resource from SEPA

High and Dry is a flooding-themed teaching resource created by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. It aims to raise awareness about how flooding can affect young people, their families and their homes.

Video - What is flooding?

A short film created by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency that answers all those important questions about flooding.

Flooding Friendly Home

Diagram of a flood repairable house.

Flooding in the local area

Useful links

You might find the following links useful when studying flooding in the context of emergency planning and resilience education.

BBC Learning Zone class clips - Flooding in Britain - Causes and effects: A video explaining the causes and effects of a river flooding in Britain, including damage limitation methods.
BBC - News - Drivers stuck after rain causes flooding in Scotland: An article from 29 November 2011 looking at the disruption caused by torrential rain and subsequent flooding in parts of Scotland.
What if...?: Explore a range of interactive games, DVDs and stories on the theme of resilience education.
Sea-level rise simulator: This interactive map allows learners to see how a rise in sea level of varying degrees would affect any area of the world. Use the map to navigate to your local area and then use the drop down box to see the effects of rising sea levels.
British Red Cross - Quick activity - Sandbagging: A quick activity to get pupils thinking about the basics of flood defence.
British Red Cross - Prepare for floods and flooding: Information on how to prepare for flooding, what to do when flooding occurs, and action to take after the floods have subsided.
Flickr - Flooding slide show: Browse a selection of images of flooding from across Scotland.
Ready Scotland - Flooding: Information about preparing for and dealing with emergencies involving severe flooding.
Ready Scotland - Emergency kit check list: A guide to creating your own emergency kit to help prepare for a variety of emergency situations.
SEPA Kids: Interactive resources to help learners understand the work of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and what individuals can do to help protect the environment.

Floodline: Practical information on how to prepare for flooding as well as how to keep safe near flood water, including keeping pets safe too.

Scottish Flood Forum - Flooding factsheets: Factsheets to assist flood victims and flood-affected communities.
BBC weather: The weather section of the BBC website including up-to-date forecasts and weather warnings from around the UK.
Met Office Education resources: The UK Met Office's education pages. Its printable information pages explain many aspects of weather and weather forecasting. Pupils can test themselves on what they have learned using online quizzes, and there are downloadable lesson plans for teachers.
YouTube - Urban flooding and community resilience workshop: This video shows an interactive workshop that has been developed to explain urban flooding in general, and what the public can do to protect themselves.