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Communities in action

Watch how 2 different groups are helping their local community to be ready. While each group is working in a different area, the videos highlight the importance of local volunteers and the benefits participants gain from volunteering.


St Andrew's First Aid

St Andrew's First Aid's Chief Executive, Stuart Callison said, "A huge part of our work involves going out into communities and sharing our First Aid skills and knowledge with the people who actually live there. That means that not only are they then personally equipped to help make those communities safer places, but are in turn, also able to share those new skills with others.

What makes this video particularly special for me is the way it highlights not just the huge and indeed potentially life-saving impact that acquiring and sharing even basic First Aid skills can have, but also just how personally rewarding our volunteers of all ages find working with, and giving something of such value to, their local communities."

St Andrew's First Aid operates throughout Scotland. If you would like to find out more about you might acquire the kind of skills shown in the video, or share with others your existing First Aid skills, or just to find out more about St Andrew's First Aid, please visit or email

Hutton & Paxton Community Resilience Group

If you want more information on community resilience and advice on how to get prepared, please visit the My Community section of ReadyScotland.