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Protecting your reputation

Your good reputation is a valuable asset. How would you protect it if something disrupted your business, or if there was an emergency?

Communicating with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, is an important part of protecting your good name.

Who would you need to communicate with? The list could include:

  • Your customers
  • Your suppliers
  • Your staff
  • Your immediate neighbours and the local community.

What information would you need to provide to each of these groups? For example, if you have to relocate, how would each of these groups be affected? What would they need to know?

How will you communicate? Would you have access to your suppliers' and customers' contact details in an emergency? See the Keep Trading pages for advice.

A wider audience may require a different approach. Think about social media, websites and local community newsletters. Would you be able to update your own website quickly to get your message across? Social media enables you to communicate quickly: to provide information and correct any misinformation about your business.

Media interest can help you to get important messages to a wide audience very quickly. Local radio and local newspapers in particular will reach many of your customers, staff and suppliers.