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Wigtownshire is Ready for Winter

For the past two years communities across Wigtownshire have been involved in developing Comunity Emergency Plans with the support of Dumfries and Galloway Council and the Wigtownshire Area Framework Team.  Various training nights have been run by the council for communities which have consisted of providing a background in emergency planning, what emergencies happen in Dumfries and Galloway, what risks communities face and what communities can do to help themselves .  The training nights also included mini exercises which stimulated thinking and ideas by all those who attended.


Community Emergency Plans in Action

Community Councils across Wigtownshire were actively working on their Community Resilience Plans prior to the severe snow of March 2013.  When needed, communities kicked into gear and used their plans to great effect.  Communities themselves fed back on how useful the training and the plans had been in their response.

 Following the snow in March 2013 Community Councils were invited to a 'debrief'.  This was innovative in terms of asking what communities felt about how the Agencies responded to the emergency but also in asking them to comment on how they performed.  This was a great success, with positive learning points being feedback and progressed.


Work Continues

Wigtownshire Community Councils have now completed 100% of their Community Resilience Plans - 16 Community Councils in all now having plans

Work is ongoing in actively encouraging other non affilliated community groups within the area to complete plans.