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West Kintyre Community Resilience Plan

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

Snow storm of March 2013 resulting in parts of the large sparsely populated community being cut off for 4 or more days without power or the ability to access the roads network due to high volume of snow.


Who was involved and what did they do?

Community Councillors, local communities and local councillors all had input.  We drew up lists and maps of all properties within our large and dispersed communities and placed them in the emergency equipment bags we acquired, we then looked at the best strategic points to place these bags to enable equipment to be available to help when needed.


What worked well about the project?

The acquisition of 6 emergency bags containing such items as blankets, torches, megaphones etc placed strategically throughout the area to hopefully allow access to basic materials to help keep people warm during a time of crisis.  Notices placed throughout area stating where emergency bags were located and key holder names and addresses for village halls etc.


What did you learn during this project?

That no matter how well you plan you cannot plan for every event. With large rural areas with people dispersed over remote areas it will in some instances not be possible to get help to all.
The need for agencies to work together for a successful outcome.


What was it that made it work - what were the critical success factors?

The working together of all involved in the plan.


What additions could be made to the project to make your community more resilient?

Very difficult to quantify due to unknown factors such as type of incident.


What are the next steps for the project?

To review the contents of the bags regularly due to the need to ensure batteries etc for torches and megaphone are still live.  Annually review lists of properties in the area.