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Strathclyde 4X4

4x4 Response teams are not an Emergency Service, we aim to provide support to the emergency services by providing four-wheel-drive vehicles and drivers to assist in times of need. There are 34 teams stretching from the Isle of Wight to the Scottish Highlands.

The use of 4x4 vehicles allow our responders to cross open country, access forest tracks or traverse normal roads in adverse conditions, when standard vehicles are unlikely to perform adequately.

Strathclyde 4x4 have previously been called upon to help evacuate drivers and householders stranded by heavy snow falls and assist the movement of healthcare professionals to vulnerable patients in remote, stranded communities.  These are just a few of the activities we have been involved in to date and we would endeavour to provide support in a range of other situations if called upon.

All responders in Strathclyde 4x4 Response are vetted for security purposes and undertake training throughout the year to build, reinforce and maintain the relevant competencies. Full scale exercises are run at least twice a year to test and confirm readiness. The group covers the area formerly known as Strathclyde however has relationships with the other groups in Scotland (e.g. Lothian 4x4R, Tayside 4x4R) to allow cross border working.

Our responders are Licensed Radio Operators and each vehicle carries vhf radio. We also have mobile repeater stations to extend our coverage and cater for the geographical challenges of the region. This vhf capability can be a very important, particularly when mobile networks fail due to power outages.

Strathclyde 4x4 Response is a member of the West of Scotland Resilience Partnership and can be deployed by contacting Police Scotland.

Strathclyde 4x4 Response can assist in

• Transport / Logistics
• Communication
• Welfare Delivery
• Vehicle Recovery

Information can be found on our web site