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Stirling Community Severe Weather Plans

Following the severe weather of 2010/11, Stirling Council established a Steering Group to review how council services had responded to the severe weather.

The council sought views from all 42 of the area's community councils, and community input has been vital to the Stirling Council's approach.

Two community councils, Strathblane and Broomridge, are piloting a new community led approach to planning for severe weather. Strathblane is a rural community and Broomridge is an urban area in Stirling.

Community severe weather plans include priority areas for snow clearance and salting, and measures to makes sure that a waste collection service can be maintained during severe weather. The Strathblane plan identifies areas which community volunteers will clear snow from, and areas where the community will work in partnership with Stirling Council.

It also highlights areas round facilities such as shops where shop keepers are responsible. This shows where voluntary efforts can expand areas which are cleared of snow - but also highlights the responsibility of the whole community, including residents and businesses.

One of the important elements of the plan is communication and Strathblane Community Council has identified people who will be responsible for different aspects of communication. Through developing their plans, they have also identified the need for additional village notice boards.