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Southend Community Resilience Plan

We felt that a plan was needed for our community as from time to time we have had serious emergencies and we needed to have a proactive responsive team to deal with this. In the past 5 years we've been closed off by snow, a landslide, a bridge collapse and also seen two helicopter crashes on the Mull of Kintyre. In March 2013 the community was closed off by snow and had no power for a week and it was obvious how dependent the community could be on services that are not always a guarantee.
We are roughly 450 in size as a community but because it is of a farming nature we are lucky as we can put our hands on heavy machinery quite quickly.

Before we composed the plan we surveyed the area to identify the vulnerable people who would need help sooner than the others.  Our plan goes into detail but other communities needn't have to. We'd recommend that having even a short plan for how to deal with things will help people spring into action if things were to go wrong. Our plan is also registered with the emergency services in Campbeltown; Argyll & Bute Council and we also work in conjunction with the village Doctor's Surgery.