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South Cowal Community Resilience Plan

In isolated areas such as we have in Argyll, small communities traditionally have rallied round to help in emergencies but this has never been translated onto paper. This plan was started as a result of a suggestion from Argyll and Bute Council after  there had been a serious weather related problem in the area which had caught folk by surprise.
Our community is long and narrow and very isolated in some areas and so we thought of it in sections and tried to work out the problems which would most likely occur in the different areas and try to find solutions.A sub-committee from South Cowal Community Council held a series of meetings to discuss possible scenarios which might affect the local communities and to try to put a few suggestions down as to how best to react to each one. We talked to many members of the community to hear what they thought and worked out who would be able to help in as many ways as possible.

We listed details of people to contact with, for example, chain saws, generators and specific skills such as first aid. We identified our local village hall as our central area which houses our well stocked resilience pack, given to us by Argyll and Bute Council. It contains torches, wind up radio, emergency blankets, a very noisy loudspeaker and lots of other items which we hope we never need. We will be reviewing these items soon and discussing what other things we could buy eg flasks, hot water bottles.