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Scottish Borders Council Resilient Community Plans

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

Making communities within the Scottish Borders more resilient and prepared, and more able to recover and restore normality following severe weather or other emergencies. 

Who was involved and what did you do?

Representatives from the Council Emergency Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, and Resources Departments formed a team to drive forward our 'Resilient Communities' initiative. 

What worked well about the project?

The communication links with Community Councils and the joint working to achieve the implementation of a plan.  Links with other key stakeholders in the Scottish Borders with both financial and practical support. The 8 Resilient Communities that have implemented their plans have received first aid and general training from the British Red Cross and Scottish Borders Council. 

What did you learn during this project?

That communities and individuals want to become more resilient, and more aware of the risks that they may encounter, and they want to help and assist within their community. 

What made it work?

Motivation and determination to get the initiative to work, and financial support.