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Ready Grampian

What was the issue that made you start this project?

A need within the SCG to share resilience information within the area with a wide network of agencies and individuals and to provide a portal to both national and community resilience platforms was identified.  Feedback from responders was that a system to support communities in developing their own local community resilience networks and their response to an emergency situation was also needed. 

Who was involved and what did they do?

The previous SCG public webpage was tucked away within the Grampian Police public website.  With the assistance of Grampian Fire and Rescue Services IT staff it was recognised that the SCG webpage could be used to support the work of the SCG Public Communications Group in managing public communications around the Olympic Torch Relay - this became the main locus for real time Olympic Torch Relay information during the stage in Grampian. 

At a local community level it was observed that the use of Facebook pages during local emergencies was starting to happen.  This led to the conclusion that local community resilience systems using Facebook and also the 'Ready' label have the potential to enhance local community resilience 

Trial 'Ready' pages have been set up for Huntly and Stonehaven through the Scottish Flood Forum.  Guidance for community groups on how to set up their own 'Ready' page will be publicised using the ReadyGrampian website.

What worked well about the project?

Usefulness of ReadyGrampian was demonstrated by 38,000 hits between 14 May and 12 June (1,000 an hour during the Torch relay).  Local Facebook pages have still to be tested and evaluated

What did you learn during this project?

That among both the responder community and the public there is an appetite for a portal such as ReadyGrampian, although this hasn't yet been tested in an emergency situation

What was it that made it work - what were the critical success factors?

ReadyGrampian worked for the Olympic Torch Relay.  Use of this and local community systems during and after emergencies have still to be tested.