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Millport Community Resilience Project

This project started after we had the bad snow storm that closed the Isle Of Arran, I then thought that if it happened in Millport, were we ready? On the same dates we had to try and setup a soup kitchen for those who had no means of getting a hot meal as we had no electricity for 2 days.

I took it on board and spoke to people about this only to find that there was equipment stored away back in the 1960s for such an emergency. These had been lost over the years.

There is now a small team of 8 people and, through grant funding, a small store of equipment to help people stay warm and sleep comfortably in the town hall overnight, if they were to be evacuated from their home or tourists stuck on the island for whatever reason.

We have secured a hall with access to the main road, with toilets, kitchen, that could sleep up to 30/35 people. For the team we have high visibility jackets, hard hats, head torches and life jackets.

We have sent out letters  to the local community as well as Police, Ambulance, Fire service and Coastguard. They now know that we can assist if required in an emergency should it be fire, flooding or walking wounded that require a place to be evacuated, even if it's that the Ferry may be off and people stranded.

The team meets up once a month more if we have any training, for First Aid, Kinect Lifting, operating radios, Data Protection, etc.


Sept 2014