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Fountainhall Resilient Community Plan

This example has been written by the people of Fountainhall who established the Resilient Community Plan

What made you start up this project?

While attending an Association of Village Halls meeting residents of Fountainhall discovered that the Community Council had rejected the idea of establishing a Resilient Community Plan.  From personal experience they knew it would be worthwhile.

Who was involved and what did they do?

3 Fountainhall residents took the work forward.  They arranged for a team of people to go to the Community Council meeting to tell them that Fountainhall wanted to establish a Resilient Community Plan

What worked well about the project?

Getting out and speaking to local people.  The group knocked on every door in the village to get people signed up,  This gave them the opportunity to explain to people who didn't understand what the plan was and answer any questions people had

What did you learn during the project?

The skills that are in the village that no one knew about.  Someone has a chainsaw licence (useful in bad weather to remove fallen trees) and someone is a trained counsellor

What was it that made it work?

Getting the whole village involved, a large percentage of the community are signed up to the plan. Borders Council have provided the team with their resilient equipment, and they will shortly be getting first aid training and are receiving two small sandbag stores for the community