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Edzell Flood Group And Action Plan

What was the issue that made you start this project?

Flooding in the village of Edzell in 2012 resulted in the local community developing a flood group with support and assistance from Angus Council.  A community flood action plan was produced and this was tested over the course of the 2015/16 winter, when there were high volumes of surface water combined with significant agricultural runoff and a high risk of the Wishop Burn overtopping.


Who was involved and what did they do?

Edzell residents worked with the Angus Council resilience team to produce the flood plan and council roads engineering staff installed flood trigger gauges to the Wishop Burn.   Local volunteers were able to assess the situation on the ground and pass information back to the council roads staff who were monitoring the gauges.  The council were able to focus appropriate resources when they were needed based on the actual needs of the community. 


What worked well about the project?

The local flood response team worked extremely well as a team throughout the event, and were able to keep the council and the local residents updated with response information, through direct communication and social media.  This enabled the council to provide the right help at the right time and the local residents, the council flood risk management team, council engineers and the local flood group were able to apply creative thinking to supply solutions to issues throughout the activation and response


What did you learn during this project?

Ensuring that community groups have a plan in place and a point of contact in the community for eventualities such as flooding improves the response when things happen and good communication makes sure resources are utilised more effectively.



What was it that made it work?

Prior planning, cooperation, communication and partnership working between residents, the flood group and the council.



Edzell Flood Group And Action Plan