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East Lothian Council: Supporting Community Councils and Schools in Severe Weather

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

The severe weather experienced over the last couple of years showed that we needed communities be more proactive in their response, with the local authority assisting where possible. We felt that working with community councils across the county would be the most effective way of taking the project forward.

We also worked with schools to enhance the work they had done with parents to help clear paths to and around schools of snow, to enable the schools to open.

Who was involved and what did they do?

Our Recovery Group looked at different ways we could assist. We wrote to community councils and offered them snow clearing equipment and a grit bin if they could identify a suitable location in their area. 

Similarly we worked with our Education and Children's Department to identify the most suitable type of snow clearing equipment for school sites.

What worked well?

Most of the communities and all schools were keen to enhance their resilience and become involved, making them better prepared for heavy snow in future.

What did you learn?

That accurate information is key to ensuring a timely and efficient response.

What made it work?

The willingness of two or three key members of staff from the local authority to persist in gathering and collating information from disparate groups across the county.