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Dumfries and Galloway Council Winter Equipment Project

What happened?

Flooding in Dumfries & Galloway in 2009.

Next steps?

Elected Members agreed to fund a Community Resilience Advisor post who's remit was to better prepare communities for emergencies and winter weather. We developed the Winter Equipment Project which gave community groups free winter equipment, advice and better communication links.

What worked?

This is an ongoing project but so far communities feel more confident about the winter ahead if they are better prepared and have resources and communication links prior to the event.

What did you learn?

Changing people's mindsets can be challenging. Communities can take a view that the Council should be doing for them as opposed to enabling them.

What made it work?

Expanding on the enthusiasm of communities, face to face contact with community groups to explain benefits. Ongoing communication builds trust and understanding. In first year 121 applications from across the region for 254 grit bins, 115 footway spreaders and 291 snow shovels. Continued funding into 2nd year with a view to expanding to schools.