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Dumfries and Galloway Council - Community Debriefing

Following the severe snow event (March 2013) we took the step of inviting Community Council's to a debrief session.  The structured debrief asked participants to reflect not only in terms of the various Agencies' response, but also tasked them to reflect on how they coped with the incident, individually and as community groups.

The session was a success with attendance high and participants engaged in the process.  The resulting discussion proved to be productive; with a good balance achieved in terms of the response from the Council and Partners versus the self reflective element. Good ideas were plentiful and small issues identified that would help make the response even better for the future.

Further to this, relationships between the Council and the Community were enhanced due to this process.  The participants did not take a "them" and "us" stance, but instead accepted we all have a part to play in an emergency.