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Central Scotland Voluntary Sector Awareness Event

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

A need to bring together the various organisations within the voluntary sector and explore the various emergency situations that they may be asked to provide assistance during.

Who was involved?

The various members of the Central Scotland SCG Voluntary Sector Group.  For more details see contact below.

What worked well about the event?

Feedback shows that participants found it a useful and constructive event which was practical, enjoyable and informative.  It helped voluntary organisations have a better understanding of the SCG and how it works and helped clarify call out procedures and where the voluntary sector fits within the emergency response landscape. 

What did you learn during this event?

From the Local Authority Emergency Planning perspective we learnt:

How important it is to integrate the Voluntary Sector in all aspects of preparing, planning , exercising and training for emergencies

Finding out what a wide variety of skills, professionalism and expertise each organisation has and how they can interlink with Local Authorities and each other to enhance the response to an emergency

Realising the vast amount of assests each organisation has or has access to

What was it that made it work - what were the critical success factors?

Ensuring that each representative understood what their organisations role and responsibilities would be during an emergency:

Who would call them out

How they would be called out

What would they be called out to do

Undertstanding what the SCG MoU meant

What assets each organisation has

what joint training is available

Identify any training requirements

Agree an annual training programme