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Business Continuity in Action - Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

This example was written by Michelle McKearnon, Business Development Manager at Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

A presentation to businesses on business continuity and how to be ready if a disaster should strike.  It got everyone thinking about how prepared they were - or weren't, and what help they would need to keep trading

Who was involved and what did they do?

Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce set up a group of members who all contributed what they would need to keep trading in the immediate aftermath of a crisis e.g fire, and also what they could give to others in that situation e.g use of a spare desk, access to internet, secretarial support.  This was all put into a spreadsheet of resources which is coordinated by Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce

What worked well about the project?

The speed of the response that can be offered.  A business in trouble can access practical help and resources within minutes and be temporarily relocated in a matter of hours!  Businesses can contact us by phone or use a designated Twitter feed to ask for and offer help

What did you learn during this project?

That SME's need help very quickly without endless phonecalls, bureaucracy and form filling, and that the business community could and should support each other in times of crisis

What was it that made it work - what were the critical success factors?

Simplicity, speed and goodwill.  Businesses simply list what they can offer and what they would need and their contact details.  The Chamber links them up when in need.  There is no cost involved and all support is given free of charge