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Blair Atholl and Struan Community Emergency Plan

What was the issue that made you start up this project?

Increased pressure on the emergency services during the summer tourist season and the need for additional support for the local authorities and emergency responders as evidenced during the severe winters of the last two years.  Heavy snowfall and long term power outages highlighted the increased risk to vulnerable groups in the community.  The local community responded well and lessons were learned but this emphasised the urgent need for a local emergency plan.

Who was involved and what did they do?

Our Community Council set up a Community Resilience Group to identify, prepare for and mitigate perceived risks to the safety and general wellbeing of the community, working in close cooperation with the authorities, emergency services and other organisations.  The group was set up following consultations with the community and local landowners and businesses.

 What worked well about the project?

The enthusiastic support and the determination of the community, landowners and local businesses to establish this initiative and make it a success has been extraordinary, reflecting the concern at the increased levels of risk that our community has been exposed to by recent incidents and events.

What did you learn during the project?

We have a wide variety of useful skills and physical resources available within our community which can be mobilised at very short notice, if necessary, to support professional emergency responders, or acting independently where appropriate.  Not least among these resources is a unique collective knowledge of local demographics and topography

What was it that made it work?

Still early days in the development of this work but the critical success factors will be effective and efficient lines of communication with the emergency responders and securing a moderate level of funding to finance the administration of this initiative going forward.