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Shopping responsibly

We can help each other by being responsible about how much food we are buying and how often.

There is enough food for everyone and only buying what we need, when we need it will ensure no one will be left without supplies.

Buying more than you need? You don’t need to. We know this because we are working closely with all retailers on our food supply.

Retailers are working hard to ensure there are enough supplies in our supermarkets for everyone, whether that is our NHS staff fighting the virus, supermarket workers restocking shelves, those members of our older communities who are unable to leave home, our loved ones, all of us. There’s enough food to go around, if we shop responsibly and only buy what we need.

Supermarkets have increased deliveries to help with availability – we need your help too.

In Scotland we look out for each other.  Only buy what you need. If we do the right thing, there’s enough for everyone.