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At Home

There is a lot you can do now to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies and disruptive events.

One useful activity is to complete our simple, child-friendly Family Emergency Plan to start thinking ahead.

Some straightforward, commonsense actions will stand you in good stead in a wide range of situations.

  • Create a household emergency plan to help you and your family stay safe in all kinds of emergencies.
  • Put together an emergency kit so you will have the information and equipment you need to hand, whatever the situation.
  • In an emergency you should call 999 and follow instructions.
  • Think about carrying one or more ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact numbers on your mobile phone or in your wallet or purse. This means that if they need to, emergency responders like paramedics can contact people who know you, and potentially get important medical information, as quickly as possible.
  • Follow Ready Scotland's advice on protecting your home from severe weather and preparing for the loss of utilities.  


Wintry weather and extremely cold temperatures mean an increased chance of cases involving carbon monoxide poisoning in the home, particularly when gas boilers and heaters are in frequent use.  Further information and advice on how to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poising, including signs and symptoms to look out for, is available on the NHS Inform website.