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Daily health resilience

Your Personal Health

  • Make sure immunisations are up to date
  • If you're eligible for the flu jab – get it
  • Hand hygiene – wash before handling food, after visiting toilet etc
  • Get eyes tested every 2 years
  • Regular dentist visit – start early in life
  • Exercise regularly, good for mind & body seek clinical advice if never exercised before
  • Drink plenty water, limit alcohol
  • Avoid smoking but if you do there is plenty of help to quit
  • Look after your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek help
  • Manage your allergies and be sure to make people aware
  • Find out what services are available in your local area – GP/pharmacy/minor injuries etc
  • Make sure to have common over the counter remedies in at home – pain relief, bandages etc
  • Have a look at NHSinform online for health information

Helping Others