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Before travelling, check your local and national weather forecast and keep up-to-date with the latest weather warnings.

For real time traffic information, visit Traffic Scotland and for public transport information, check Traveline (0871 200 2233).

If you're making a journey and bad weather is forecast, make a travel plan.

There are also some everyday things you could put in your vehicle that will stand you in good stead at any time of the year.

If your area is at risk of flooding, remember you should not drive or walk through flood water. If heavy winds are forecast, consider taking alternative transport if you normally cycle. Winds can easily blow you off your bike and cause serious injuries.


Your emergency contacts

Carrying ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts on your mobile phone or in your wallet is a great idea. This makes it easier for emergency services or others to quickly identify who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Your Phone

  • Include the word ICE and a contact number as part of the phone lock screen. This way anyone can pick up your phone and quickly see the contact number.
  • Include your ICE contact in your phone address book.

Your Wallet/Purse

  • Write ICE on a piece of card with your emergency contacts' details on it and carry it in your wallet or purse.