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Resilient Essential Services Team (REST)

Who are we

The Unit is headed up by Jim Urquhart and comprises three teams:

  • Paul Scobbie and Robbie Harrison deal with critical infrastructure resilience (CIR) in the Communications, Transport, Government and Finance sectors.
  • Ross Baird, Paul Chapman and Karen Minto deal with CI resilience in the Energy Sector, including Civil Nuclear as well as CIRU Emergency Response Arrangements.
  • Robert Gibson deals with CI resilience within the Water, Health, Food and Emergency Services Sectors as well as Hazardous Sites and Substances.

What we do

The role of this unit is to:

  • Work closely with UK Government, external and internal stakeholders to enhance security and resilience across all of Scotland's critical infrastructure.
  • Ensure the essential services on which Scotland relies keep running despite disruptive challenges (e.g. adverse weather or industrial action).
  • Contribute to the Scottish Governments emergency response arrangements in the event of a disruptive challenge and provide specialist briefings on the impacts to critical infrastructure resilience for the SG's Resilience Room (SGoRR) and for Ministers.
  • Develop Strategy, Policy and Guidance to support all CIR stakeholders in ensuring that all critical infrastructure in Scotland is sufficiently secure and resilient.
  • Oversee and coordinate RABS Critical Infrastructure (RABS CI) and the CONTEST Protect Sub Group - the two strategic groups that oversee the delivery of the CIR Strategy.
  • Lead in the development of International CIR activity as a core member of the International CIR Network - currently engaged in the EC MiRACLE Project.
  • Oversee the delivery of cross sector CIR activity at asset, sector and Government level - measuring success and driving a programme of continuous improvement.

Key pieces of work

  • Our current CIR Strategy Secure and Resilient (2011) - the regional approach to CIR that it promotes has attracted the attention of many international partners. It is the first of its kind in the UK.
  • RESTĀ are currently working with colleagues in Italy and Holland in the delivery of the EC MiRACLE Project - aimed at developing best practice in regional collaborative approaches to CIR.

Who we work with

Cabinet Office, DECC, Scotland Office, Home Office, MoD, DfT, HMT, BIS, DCMS, CPNI, Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, MaritimeĀ and Coastguard Agency, Local Authorities, Regulators, SG Resilience Division Colleagues, Transport Scotland, Police Division, Fire Division, ISIS, key CI industry leads including: Scottish Power, SSE, National Grid, SGN, Ineos, BT, Scottish Water.