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Are you ready Scotland?

Today marks the start of Scotland’s very first Resilience Week and we're asking, are you ready?

We never think it will happen to us, but emergencies can strike at any time and disrupt our lives in an instant.

Scottish Resilience Week (7-11 November), which is part of the Scottish Government’s Ready Scotland campaign, aims to highlight the benefits of preparing for different emergencies whilst also focusing on the actions that businesses and individuals can take to be ready for a range of eventualities.

It’s a chance to show support to the work, processes and people who are in place to make Scotland’s communities, businesses and homes more resilient to the situations that disrupt daily lives.

Resilience can be anything from what to do in the event of severe weather, how to handle someone becoming seriously ill, businesses thinking about how to deal with events that impact smooth operations, or how to reduce the risk of cybercrime.

The challenge around business resilience is highlighted by Andy Willox, Federation of Small Businesses’ Scottish policy convenor: “Every small Scottish business should have a business continuity plan in case of emergency. Firms need to ask themselves what would happen if a key member of staff wasn’t able to come in, or bad weather made travel difficult, or if their firm faced a cyber-attack. Smaller firms don’t have the cash reserves or staff resources of larger organisations, and so prevention and preparation are absolutely key.”

With all of this in mind, we’re asking individuals, businesses and communities across Scotland to get involved this resilience week. By sharing tips, best practices and also examples of situations that have ultimately made you, your community or your business more resilient could really help those who might have not been so prepared if they hadn’t have heard your story.

Find out more about how you can do your bit for the campaign and get involved in Scottish Resilience Week here.