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Resilience News Blog

Here you will find links to various news items and articles linked to making Scotland a more resilient country.

14 December 2016 - Resilient Communities

Creating resilient communities isn’t something that Government can do itself, but working alongside it’s partners in all sectors, it can provide support and advice and help create the conditions in which resilience can flourish. Read more

11 November 2016 - Health resilience in action

NHS National Services Scotland Logistics (NSS Logistics) is the backbone of national supply chain support to NHSScotland, ensuring the highest level of resilience. Read more

10 November 2016 - Community resilience in action

Scottish Borders Council’s Resilient Communities initiative has proven its worth during 2016. The initiative was developed to enable volunteers in towns and villages to be organised and able to respond to emergency situations such as severe weather, fire, power failure and other major incidents. Read more

9 November 2016 - What can you learn in 60-minutes?

Cybercrime is a risk every individual and organisation faces when they go online. How much information can be gathered in 60-minutes by someone who knows where to look and what can be done to reduce the risk? Read more

7 November 2016 - Are you ready Scotland?

As it's day 1 of resilience week, let's focus on the question of why is it important to be resilient? Read more


14 October 2016 - Coming Soon: Resilience Week

Find out about the Scottish Government's Resilience Week and how you can get involved. Read more


18 February 2016 - The end of winter doesn't mean the end of unwelcome visitors

Weather forecaster Sean Batty has backed the call for people to take simple steps in readiness for tough weather conditions, indicating Scotland’s unsettled weather patterns could continue into the spring... read more

12 January 2016 - A9 Resilience

Local community resilience groups in towns and villages along the A9 are offering extra help to drivers caught out by severe weather, via a new community resilience more 


20 November 2015 - Ready for Winter

The Ready for Winter campaign in 2015 has been launched and is asking Scottish households to think about how to stay informed, how to prepare and consider more