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Preparing Scotland

Emergency preparation in Scotland is based on the principles of integrated emergency management (IEM). This means putting plans in place that are flexible enough to deal with all kinds of disruptive challenges, from terrorist attack to flooding.

The Scottish approach is set out in 'Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Resilience'.

1 November 2013 marked a change to Scotland's multi-agency resilience structures.  The eight Strategic Coordinating Groups, multi-agency groupings to deal with emergencies, will change to three Regional Resilience Partnerships (RRPs - North, East and West) which in turn are broken down into a number of Local Resilience Partnerships (LRPs - 3 in the North and East, 7 in the West).  
This change is primarily structural; there is no change to core principles of good practice nor, of course, to all agencies' commitment to plan for and respond effectively to emergencies.  However, as part of our continuous efforts to keep Scotland's resilience guidance - Preparing Scotland - up-to-date, Scottish Government Resilience Division is reviewing the guidance to ensure new arrangements are captured properly and opportunities taken to enhance our resilience as a whole. 
If you have any questions about how the new structures may impact on a piece of PS guidance, please contact us at