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Smartphone app

Download the Ready Scotland smartphone app

The app gives you instant access to information, advice and essential contact details for a wide range of emergency situations offline. The app is free to dowload.

What does it do?

  • Enables you to store the contents of a household emergency plan, add national and local emergency contacts and import personal contacts
  • Provides emergency checklists for the home, travel and business - you simply select a checklist and tick off the items. 
  • Advises you on which radio station to listen to during emergencies and provides local frequencies
  • Allows you to save your emergency contact under the label 'ICE' in their address book

How do I get the app for my phone?

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Iphone App Store

smartphone app


British Red Cross Emergency App

You can also download the Emergency app from the British Red Cross that provides real-time, personalised alerts and advice to help you prepare for and respond to severe weather and other UK emergencies.


Met Office Weather App

Get the most up-to-date and accurate weather forecast information available for the next seven days and stay safe with advance warnings of severe weather conditions in the UK, as soon as the Met Office issue them.

You can see the weather across all your favourite locations in one simple view.

Subscribe to push notifications and receive important alerts for the latest UK severe weather warnings - including snow, strong winds, ice, fog and rain forecasts.


  • UK national weather forecast video
  • UK rainfall map video including both forecast and radar observations
  • Full range of weather including ‘feels like’ temperature
  • UK National Severe Weather Warnings

For iPhone the app is available from the App store.

For Android the app is available from the Google Play store