Loss of utilities

Power cuts and loss of other utilities can happen at any time and with little warning. While utility companies in Scotland have well-tested plans in place, it is important to take simple steps to prepare for a short period without electricity, gas or mains water supplies.

Loss of power - who to contact

If you experience loss of power, you should contact the company which distributes power in your region.

Electricity distribution networks:

Gas distribution network:

Be prepared - Top tips

  • Having a well-stocked emergency kit at home will help until things get back to normal. This includes things like a battery operated or wind-up torch and a battery powered or wind-up radio.
  • Keep mobile phones, laptops or tablets fully charged - so you will have use of battery power for a short time at least if there is a power cut.
  • A non-mains powered landline telephone will help you stay in touch during any disruptions to your power supply.
  • Have the telephone numbers you might need to hand. Download the Ready Scotland smartphone app to store all your emergency contacts in one place.  

Special requirements

  • The utility companies work closely with local authorities to make sure that vulnerable people get the support they need during any disruptions to normal service.
  • You should let your supplier know if you have a disability or are chronically sick, or you depend on a continuous supply of power for medical equipment or mobility equipment such as stair lifts and hoists.
  • You should also contact your supplier if you are visually impaired or have hearing difficulties, or you are of state pensionable age, or you have other specific requirements.
  • If you have elderly relatives or neighbours who might need help during a power cut, please check up on them.

More support and advice is available from your gas, electricity, water and communications suppliers.